Let us answer some of your questions.  These are some of the more common questions that we hear every day.

What do you wear?

We wear dress pants, a button up shirt and a tie (at the minimum).  Most of us add a vest or a stylish hat to round things out.

What do you charge for a deposit?

To reserve a DJ it will cost you $0.00, zip, zilch, nothin’, nada.  All we need to reserve your date is a signed contract.

There is a $100.00, non-refundable deposit for the photo booth.  This deposit is the only money that can be paid with a credit card.

How and when do we pay the balance?

The balance owed needs to be paid with cash, check, or bank check.  Credit cards are not accepted for any payment other than the photo booth deposit.  The balance can be paid at any time, as long as it is paid in full at least 2 weeks before the reception.

Can we come see you DJ?

99% of the events that we do are private.  It is not our place to invite you to someone else’s party.  We are hired to entertain their guests.  I understand the desire to “see of in action”, and that’s why we have posted thousands of pictures and video on our Facebook page.  Use the Social Media links below to follow us and see what we are up to.

How many weddings have you played?

On the Mic has been in business since 2006.  Between bar gigs, weddings, private parties, birthday parties, school dances, and corporate events the number is in the thousands.  But for many years now we have been focused in three main areas of entertainment.  1. Weddings  2. School Dances  3. Corporate Events

On average, during “wedding season”, we are at over 10 events per weekend.  Some weekends we can perform at nearly 20.  This keeps us running all weekend nearly 9 months out of the year.

Do you provide any other services?

We also offer Photo Booth rentals and several different types of lighting.  Just ask Brian if it is available on your date.

What’s your style?

We are private party entertainers.  We are NOT the center of attention that night.  We are there to entertain everyone in attendance.  You will not catch us doing coordinated dances, putting you in the middle of a circle with giant glasses and blow up guitars, or giving dance lessons.  That’s not what we do.  We will be running the night for you, and when it’s time to dance you will hear the dance-able, recognizable songs that will keep the dance floor packed all night long.

Do you take breaks?

Yes and No.  We may step away from the DJ booth for a moment to make sure that everything is running well, or to pass along information, but you will never notice.  With today’s technology the music will not stop playing and the dancefloor will still stay packed.

Do you take requests?

If you allow us to take requests, we can.  That is something that is covered in our planning document.  But, when we are taking requests there are three things that we take into consideration.

  1. Do we have the song?
  2. Do we have a CLEAN version of the song?
  3. (Most Important) Is the song appropriate for your event?

We will try our best to get to all of your guests requests, but there is no guarantee that they will all get played.

Can we submit a “do not play” list?

Sure thing.  If you don’t want certain songs to be played at your event, make sure you cover it with your DJ.

Does your price include setup and breakdown?

Yes.  The price that you were quoted is the final price.