Our Approach

You will work with our professionally trained Master of Ceremonies to plan just what you had always imagined.  Whether you are planning a wedding reception, corporate event, or birthday party, we can help you get all of the details and timing down before the event ever happens.  Let our professionals run the event for you.  We do this every weekend.

Our Story

It was never supposed to be THIS!  A multi-op entertainment company covering all of NE Ohio and part of Pennsylvania. But, when you hear horror stories week after week, about how somebody knows somebody, who has a bunch of music and some speakers, and they can do it for way less, it always ends the same. They tell you how much they regret not spending the money to hire a professional.  That’s why we started to train other passionate DJ’s that want to do the very best they can to tailor your event at a fare price.

Meet the Team

People want to know who they are doing business with. It’s human nature.  So here is the team that I choose to represent my business every day.  They care just as much about your day as you do. After all, it is their day to shine as an emcee and they enjoy every minute of it.


Founder & CEO

Music has always been a HUGE part of Brian’s life.  Whether it was playing in the high school band, or as a young boy, listening to the American Top 40, or helping his wife and teenage daughters find today’s new songs, his life revolves around music.  He started out as a karaoke singer. Then one week, the DJ went on vacation and Brian filled in.  That was it.  He was hooked.  Not only was he running the show and watching people have a great time, but he was living out his dream.  After honing his skills in the bar scene, he turned his attention to weddings.  That is ultimately where he loves to be.  Entertaining people on some of the greatest days of their lives.  Now it’s time to meet the professionals that he chose to represent his dreams.


Master of Ceremonies / DJ

Donny is the veteran of our group.  He has thousands of events under his belt.  For him, it all started in high school.  Being a younger brother, he started playing music at his sister’s parties, which made him cool among the older kids. He is a master at running an event, and knows how to keep a party going.  Just ask him about some of the parties that he’s thrown over the years. In his free time, you can find him snuggled on the couch with his wife, kids, and pets  He’s a family man and everyone’s best friend.


Master of Ceremonies / DJ

John is a sophisticated entertainer.  He knows how to run a smooth event, and by the end of the night, everyone has had the time of their lives. His attention to detail and can-do attitude keeps a steady line of customers requesting him.


Master of Ceremonies / DJ

Always working to perfect his skills, Dale can either be found behind a mix board or hanging out with his son.  This single dad works a full time job in Quality Control, and entertains thousands of guests every year.  When Dale joined our team, he had a great musical knowledge and his exciting personality will have you feeling like his best friend when you meet him.


Master of Ceremonies / DJ

When he’s not busy hanging out with Rock Stars (pictured with Patrick Carney from the Black Keys), Sean is busy making sure that our clients have everything they need.  Coming from a customer service background, Sean is equipped to handle almost anything that comes up during the night.  Go ahead, read his multiple 5 Star reviews.  Not only is he one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, but he is a master at running the night and keeping a dance floor packed.


Master of Ceremonies / DJ

Keream came to us already knowing how to handle a crowd.  As a national recording artist, he had the music knowledge, stage presence, and the know-how, to be the center of attention without making a scene.  He runs events with the greatest of ease and makes everyone more comfortable with his amazing personality.

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